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Chi Siamo Dolci Napoletani

The Pizzeria Pellone in Via Nazionale, Naples, was founded in 1960 by the passion for pizza and fry, its owner Vincenzo Pellone, who in the years to follow, lives the close collaboration of his nephews: Franco who first gave its contribution to the good performance of the same and Antimo that after about two years also enters fully into the activity of the pizzeria bringing further added value.

Immediately the Pizzeria Pellone in Via Nazionale, Naples was ranked among the best pizzerias in Naples. Title, this, which still today after many years, belongs to her.

The desire to always offer the best to its customers, induces Uncle Vincenzo, Franco and Antimo De Luca, among other things engaged in social works, to ask their brother Domenico, already at the time well-known cook of great talent, to enter part of the activity, which manages to perfectly combine its experience and culinary art with the preparation of pizzas.

In fact, Domenico still today chooses with care and attention the ingredients used for the preparation of pizzas; high quality ingredients and always fresh prepared with great passion.

Chi Siamo

This means that the Pizzeria Pellone, Via Nazionale, Naples conquers more and more the palate of its customers, managing to thrill the Neapolitan people, as well as tourists from all over Italy and the world.

Yup! The Pellone pizzeria of the De Luca brothers in Via Nazionale, Naples is still today, after many years, among the best pizzerias in Naples.

In fact, Franco Antimo and Domenico, have been recognized by the University Federico II of Naples, as Masters of Art in Pizzeria, with a Diploma of Merit that you will find exposed in one of the two large and comfortable rooms, both equipped with air conditioning.

Chi Siamo

Interview with Domenico De Luca: “We were born commercially with a great desire to do. Every day the scenario was not among the best, the difficulties were not lacking but our strength was our union; because every day we tried to transmit our greatest passion: (La PIZZA), with
an incessant care for details.

I would call our story a real barefoot climb to the summit.

Our dream and our mission is to ensure that our Naples is and always remains the capital of pizza.
My motto is: “The best pizza is what I will do tomorrow ….”